Indlæser Begivenheder

We invite you to a 2 day Bhakti Vriksha seminar and workshops at the Hare Krishna Temple in Vanløse, Copenhagen on the 2nd and 3rd of September.

Saturday:  10am – 6pm.
Sunday: 10am – 2pm

The following will be topics covered during the sessions:

  1. Reaching out to the hearts of people to influence them to take up Krishna Consciousness.
  2. Preparing ourselves to overcome all challenges.
  3. Different types of Care to be given to the new people as well as leaders.
  4. Mood of the Bhakti Vriksha – important for the growth and expansion of Communities.

5) Method of the Bhakti Vriksha- in depth training on conducting the weekly meetings and related programs.

The main speaker and BV Teacher is HG Prema Padmini d.d. ,wife of HG Vijya Venugopal prabhu from South India. She has been together with her husband be one of the main pioneers of Bhaktivrksa weekly program in the middle East where there are no more then 5000 committed and initiated devotees.
A few years ago she and he husband to spark the Bhakti Vrksa in Moscow where there are hundreds of active Bhakt Vrksa weekly programs.Also in Us cities and other different parts of the world.She is part of the Devotee Care Program and one of the main linspirators of the Congregational Development Ministery.

We also look forward to your association and your experiences which you will share.

We will have interactive, participative, as well as practical sessions to make it useful and interesting.