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Vi fejrer Guddommens Højeste Personlighed Sri Krishnas åbenbarelsesdag. Alle er inviterede til Hare Krishna templet i Vanløse.
16.00: Bhajana (Mantra sang/meditation)
17.00: Foredrag
17.45: Børneteater
18.00: Parikrama (Procession i lokalområdet i Vanløse rundt om templet)
19.00: Gaura-arati (Sang og dans foran alteret)
19.45: Foredrag af Yogendra Dasa
21.00: Abhiseka (Badeceremoni for Deiteterne)
23.00: Overraskelse
24.00: Midnats-arati (Sang og dans foran alteret)

00.30: Prasada (Vegetarisk festmåltid)

The birth of Lord Krishna is one of the biggest celebrations of the year, celebrated all over the world. Krishna appeared on earth over 5,000 years ago in Vrindavan, India. Krishna means “the all-attractive one”. He is the cause of all causes, the Supreme personality of the entire creation, both material and spiritual, He is the God of all gods, and the Lord within everything and separate from everything at the same time. This is the day devotees celebrate His beautiful pastimes, His presence in their lives, taking time to remember their eternal loving relationship with Him and His presence within all of our hearts. Devotees fast till midnight on this day, followed by a feast in His honour.